Obama a No-Show at Kerry Wood Bowling Tournament

While oft-injured Cubs’ closer Kerry Wood bowled leftie during his charity tournament this week, his logically left of center Junior Senator focused on nailing a strike with his choice of Vice Presidential running mate.


Folks from the red states made fun of the bowling, while blue staters looked down on the shoes.

Folks from the red states made fun of the bowling, while blue staters looked down on the shoes.



Wood – a flame-throwing dichotomy of hope and what could have been – has always been consistent in his support of worthy causes. His August 6 tournament at River North’s Ten Pin Alley drew much of the Cubs’ roster as well as would-be Mayor of Clark and Addison Mark Cuban. Proceeds raised from the event went to support the Organic School Project.


Meanwhile, within the Obama campaign, the focus turned towards how to turn John McCain’s use of gutter politics against him. Just as it looked like John McCain was catching up to Obama in the polls, the air began to seep out of the slow-moving tires of his campaign. After a brief slump at the plate, Obama has seemed to find his polling Mojo and is again comfortably ahead in the standings.   


While the homestretch for the ObamaCubs campaign is still several media cycles away, we are beginning to see patterns cement themselves into reality. The Cubs, at 23 games over the .500, are a legitimate championship contender that has shown time and again to be the team to beat in the National League. Obama, who only four years ago toiled in the minors, every day articulates a coherent and creative alternative to our nation’s slog towards irrelevance and xenophobic paranoia and shows why he should be the leader of free world.


Yogi Berra said it best that “it is tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Just because things are looking up in August doesn’t guarantee things will go our way in the fall. Still, it seems unlikely that a freak “Cubby occurrence” or cynical “Swift Boat” campaign will derail the collective cause. The coveted eternal buzz of an ObamaCubs universe is still possible, and if it is not reached we will only have ourselves to blame.


We can handle anything thrown our way.

We can handle anything thrown our way.

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