Obama Prepares Hawaiian Punch to McCain’s Achilles Heel

While division championships and presidential elections are never won in August, the sleepy summer month is a critical time for laying the groundwork for both campaigns. As McCain and his cronies exhibit their joy in political Mudville, Barack Obama is skipping his start in the media cycle rotation for some well-deserved rest and patented outside of the diamond thinking.


Even at an early age, Obama has always found himself on top of things in his home state.

Even at an early age, Obama has always found himself on top of things in his home state.



The only dribbler of hope remaining for John McCain is that the “Obama Fatigue” that Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin describes as keeping the both campaigns a half game apart will carry through towards November. Of course, three months before the Iowa Primary Obama was trailing Hillary Clinton by more than 10 games in the standings and was thought to be at best a wildcard running mate candidate.


Obama’s focus on the little things like red state caucuses that had as much impact on the standings as anything that transpired on Tsunami Tuesday sealed the nomination. With a slight lead in the polls and a huge advantage in the game of Moneyball, Obama can use this time assemble the most effective lineup for the homestretch of the campaign.


“You always play the game from behind even when you’re ahead,” wrote Marin about the Obama strategy moving forward.


Meanwhile, Cubbyville, the North Siders are doing a pretty good job playing from a position of leadership. After a mini-crises involving off-scoring offensive production in late July, the Cubs still hold a comfortable lead in the division and among contenders for the N.L. Wildcard. One area of pause, however, comes from the tail-end of the bullpen where Kerry Wood’s blistering fastball may be giving Kid-Xray a case of the back spasms. If you don’t think back spasms are a big deal, just ask the Bears how comfortable they are with John St. Clair holding down the left side of their offensive line well through the election now that rookie Chris Williams succumbed to a herniated disk.


While we here at ObamaCubs.com having nothing but love for Kerry Wood and his passion for the eternal blue state of a World Series championship, the time has come to consider the catholic vote bring in Jeff Samardzija to close things out with authority. Not only would the former Golden Domer have a better chance of delivering Indiana than Evan Bayh, but his fresh approach and triple-digit fastball eerily resembles that of Bobby Jenks three years ago. Even if Wood’s role in a championship is no more than a Dustin Hermanson first half shot in the arm, his professionalism and statesmanship should deliver him a Cubby ambassadorship for generations to come.   

The Gods will be watching as Samardzija delivers his blue state thunder.

The Gods will be watching as Samardzija delivers his blue state thunder.

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