During Saddleback Debate, Obama Fails to Address Greatest Moral Failure

There were a few nuggets of truth to come out of Pastor Rick Warren’s quasi 700 Club presidential debate at the Saddleback Church on Saturday night.

For starters, John McCain proved that he could at least read a Blackberry. Evidence of McCain’s digital literacy emerged as – despite being shielded by a “cone of silence – he somehow seemed to know the answers to Warren’s questions before they were even asked. As for Barack Obama, while he did volunteer his youthful indiscretions of partaking in booze and a bit of herb and blow as a youngster, he failed to acknowledge and ask forgiveness for his greatest sin of all which is of course publicly supporting the White Sox.


Obama can only triangulate his diamond stance for so long.

Obama can only triangulate his diamond stance for so long.

While we here at ObamaCubs.com publicly endorse Obama’s need to bend on his moral convictions for the sake of winning an election, the Junior Senator from Illinois needs to understand that in the land of Major League Baseball there is only one place called Hope. This is of course at the corner of Clark and Addison.

Meanwhile, on the diamond, the Cubbies put a bookend of sorts to their own Florida nightmare this past weekend. The “snowman” eight-spot put up against the Marlins on Sunday after being shut out for six innings eerily resembled that nightmarish Eighth Inning in the 2003 NLCS. Doesn’t it feel good to be on the right side of history this time?

As the Cubbies come home for their own hit of angel dust against the Reds this week, they have a chance of extending their cushion of postseason contention into double digits. Not even a late September surprise of Latroy Hawkins proportions can deny them of postseason glory.

Isn’t it great to be alive, dude?

Who would have thunk Dusty would end up a Red-Stater?

Who would have thunk Dusty would end up a Red-Stater?







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