Hope is on deck at ObamaCubs08.com.


Barack Obama may become the leader of the free world just as the Cubs win it all for the first time since the Taft administration. Isn’t it great to be alive?


The United States is in serious need of a cleanup hitter, and we can think of nobody we would rather have reach for the bat than the Junior Senator from Illinois. Obama is cool, competent and charismatic, and having him in the Oval Office may truly be a boon for humanity. Yet his ascendancy to the highest office in the land is only part of the puzzle. So lets play two!


Just as important as an Obama in the White House is a World Series champion residing in The Friendly Confines. The Chicago Cubs and their long suffering fans deserve a pardon after their 100 years of agony, and it looks like next year is actually here. A championship on the North Side will prove to the world that anything is indeed possible and that we are all on our way to a more perfect union.


We welcome your contributions.


ObamaCubs.com is brought to you by a trio of 3-4-5 hitters with a lot of experience on the Chicago new media base pads.


Brad Spirrison has reported on business and technological development in the Chicago area for nearly a decade and currently writes the Tech Matters column for the Chicago Sun-Times. A media executive and Internet entrepreneur in his own right, Spirrison is the publisher of MidwestBusiness.com and SpeedNetworking.com. More recently, he co-founded your favorite “hope mashup” blog obamacubs.com as well as online social network MyCampFriends.com. Spirrison is a graduate of Emory University and the Latin School of Chicago. He is married and lives in Lakeview.


T.J. Shanoff is a writer, director, and musical director for The Second City, and has been involved in such shows as “An Evening With Martin Short”, “Jewsical: The Musical”, “Sex and the Second City”, “Disgruntled Employee Handbook”, “Best Of The Second City”, “The Second City Improv All Stars”, and customized Second City shows for Pittsburgh’s Public Theater (“Three Rivers Runs Through It”) and Atlanta’s Alliance Theater (“Too Busy To Hate, To Hard To Commute”). T.J. works extensively for Second City Communications, the theater’s corporate arm, creating customized corporate entertainment, and has performed corporate musical comedy for numerous corporate gatherings. T.J. co-hosted the nationally syndicated morning sports talk show for three years on Sporting News Radio, delivered sports updates for CBS Radio’s morning drive program, and co-hosted a talk show on WCKG-FM in Chicago. Born and bred a Cubs fan on Chicago‘s near north side, T.J. attended the Latin School of Chicago before moving on to Emerson College in Boston, MA. A summer camp lifer, T.J. co-founded MyCampFriends.com, the first and largest community of campers of all ages, and the sister site to ObamaCubs.com.


Richard Sharp is a freelance writer, editor and marketing executive. Founder and Managing Editor of the now defunct ChicagoFilm.com, his writing credits include entertainment and business journalism for several papers in the Village Voice Media chain, Midwest Business, UR Chicago, New City Chicago, Screen Magazine and more. Richard moved to the north side Chicago in 2000, and while his 8 year Cubs love affair barely makes him eligible for the Obama Cubs roster, the fact that he was the first kid on his block by a good six months to own a “Barack n’ Roll” T made him a logical first round draft pick. 




8 Responses to About

  1. Linda Gene says:

    From y’alls mouth to G-d’s ear!
    Great site!!!!!
    Go Cubamas!!!!

  2. Alissa says:

    The simultaneous restoration of hope and dignity to the White House and Wrigley? It might be more than a person can take all at once, but I’m willing to try…

    Fantastic site!!

  3. Nicole Eisenberg says:

    Go Cubbies…

  4. Bill from Chicago says:

    As a believer in the separation of church and state, same goes for baseball and politics….unless you’re an owner!

    Go Cubs!!

  5. Gloria Vitro says:

    Let’s get our priorities straight, folks. The World Series comes before the election. GO CUBS! 🙂

  6. Joe Wojcik says:

    Unless you like being weak, Obama’s not the choice this time. Oh yah! You’re Cubs fans so you like that type of party. Go Perot in ’08. I’ll always vote for you Rossy. Trust me that I was going to use different words but I wanted to be as PC as possible. I could cut my dogs feet off, make her walk through a beach of salt, and she could still lead better than that fool. I don’t want a president without some marbles if you know what I mean. The Cubs will lose and so will Obama.

  7. Obama Cubs '08 says:

    Take it easy, Joe! The Contreras injury shouldn’t hurt THAT much. And no doubt Griffey will hold up the rest of the season, Lance Broadway will be the next Randy Johnson, and Cindy McCain’s poor lil’ hand will heal pronto!

  8. Al B. says:

    My friend,

    I’m not sure how I, as a native South Side Sox fan and one of Obama’s biggest critics, received your newsletter, but I’ll be rooting for the Dodgers/Mets/Phillies next week and for McCain in November. I’m not too big on McCain, but if Obama gets elected, the shrieks of horror you will hear will be coming from me along with the millions of unborn kids whose lives will be further endangered when he makes good on pushing through the Freedom of Choice Act. Sure, let’s put in a guy who will do away with state laws that force organizations like Planned Parenthood to notify parents when a 16 yr-old girl shows up for an abortion. They’d rather protect the guy who’s guilty of statutory rape then budge a little on their ideas, which were fueled by the same radical feminism that gave us no-fault divorce and led to the destruction of society’s age-old building block – the family. Father Frank Pavone, a priest from NY, recently visited Obama’s office and was unsuccessful in getting an answer from his staff to the following question: “Is this what Senator Obama means when he says he wants to promote the right to abortion?” while showing them pictures of arms, legs and other identifiable body parts that had been ripped off unborn children going through this procedure. Obama claims he wants to limit abortions, but you can’t limit/stop abortion if you’re promoting it (Freedom of Choice Act). Call me a one-issue voter if you would like, but if candidate John Doe came in and was going to patch up the economy, smooth things out in the Middle East, improve education, help provide health insurance for all, etc and then came out and said he was going to bring back slavery, then that single issue would wreck his chances (and rightfully so).

    The goat…Leon Durham…Bartman…what will be your excuse this time around when your team chokes??? Maybe you’ll blame it on Eddie Vedder for that sick tune of his that they’re playing all over your side of town these days.

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