Who are you guys anyway?

ObamaCubs08.com is dedicated to the double fantasy of Barack Obama
running a free world in which the Chicago Cubs are champions. The
website is brought to you by Chicago area writers and new media
creators T.J. Shanoff, Richard Sharp and Brad Spirrison.

Isn’t Obama a Sox fan?

As an aspiring politician seeking to win a state senate seat on
Chicago’s South Side in the nineties, Obama made a few affiliations in
which he has come to regret. While Reverend Wright and Weatherman Bill
Ayers got all of the pub in the primaries, just wait until the
expletive-laden YouTube video of Ozzie Guillen sharing his views on
NAFTA hits the cable news circuit.

The Friendly Confines welcomes the Junior Senator from Illinois with
open arms, and – like a 10-hour bender at Murphy’s Bleachers – without any

If I want to support Obama and some other MLB team, is that okay?

It depends on what state you live in.

If I want to support McCain and the Cubs, is that okay?

Yes, we welcome visitors from Lake and DuPage counties too.

How do I get tickets to the playoffs?

Visit our merchandising page and buy as much ObamaCubs08.com apparel
as you can.

How can I get tickets to the Democratic National Convention?

See above.

People did not always think that McCain was an angry, scary old man.
What changed?

He tolerated agents of intolerance.

If Obama were a Cub player in history, who would he be?

Joe Tinker 
















One Response to FAQs

  1. Larry Pintozzi says:

    I met your friend Jane tonight in Denver at a Chipotle conference.
    I was wearing a Cubs shirt. We naturally struck up a conversation; as you know Jane is a Sox fan (from DuPage, I might add – so am I). I told her good luck with that. Here’s the funny part …. later in the evening we saw each other again. We were talking baseball, Cubs were losing 6-2. I explained I was a die-hard Cubs fan. I’m gonna love them no matter what. Then I told her hey it’s a game. I LOVE my Cubs but I would rather have the Sox beat the Cubs in the World Series than have Obama win the election. She and her friend ran off so fast it was funny. She returned & then explained to me your website poll. Jane asked me why I disliked (mild description) Obama so much. I told her basically what your 1st sentence says. Obama is a globalist. I want my president to be concerned with America 1st. A strong USA is what is best for the world. I have other reasons; this ones crucial.
    Good night,
    Larry P.
    Go CUBS!!! (no true Cub fan expected this to be easy)
    Go McCain !!!!

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