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The Chicago Sun-Times: 

For those who can handle the concept of mixing sports and politics, there’s a new Web site in town (actually, it’s in cyberspace but Chicago-based):, which its creators — T.J. Shanoff, Richard Sharp and Brad Spirrison — say ”is dedicated to the double fantasy of Barack Obama running a free world in which the Chicago Cubs are champions.”


Elliott Harris, Quick Hits Column


The Huffington Post

There are more important things to base your vote on than your baseball team! Iraq. The economy. Health Care. It’s BASEBALL! I know we live in a baseball/football town but COME ON! There are some things that are a little more important than baseball, like the future of the country.

BTW: If this is what you silly Cubs fans base your votes on and it helps McCain get elected it will be yet another reason for me to hate the Cubs.

Response to Syndicated  Column

Convince Barack Obama to renounce the Chicago White Sox and support the Cubs to win the World Series. Donate $25 to the Obama campaign after he declares his allegiance to The Cubs.


More information about the online pledge campaign can be found here:


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