Barack Obama spent part of his childhood at summer camp, where he was surely one of the most well liked, bright, and popular kids there.

We’re not sure if John McCain went to summer camp, but if he did, he was surely the kid who spent his entire summer complaining about all the attention the well liked, bright, and popular kid got.

The very fact that you’re here on indicates that you’re probably a lot more like Obama, and made some great friendships at summer camp. And if some of your greatest memories were spent around the campfire, then you need to be a part of the web’s premier destination for sharing camp memories and good times with those camp friends you still treasure:

Like camp, there’s a lot to do on Remind all of your camp friends who your first, incredibly sloppy kiss was with. Ask Nurse Candy for some advice on how to clear up that nagging rash. Check out “A Stud…With Camp Friends”, the world premiere comedy video starring and created by Peter Grosz, writer for Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report”.

All the fun and friends that were so unique to camp are now online in one place dedicated exclusively to summer camp. Publications like, Business Week, The Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye, and all love, and we think you will too.

Now go check it out, & sign up, or else we’re gonna give you a wedgie in front of all your friends down by the lake.

“Where Summer Never Ends”


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  1. eric says:

    I never went to camp and am now 40 years old. Is it too late for me to make “camp friends”?

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