5 Responses to Survey

  1. Cadillac Grills says:

    What an insulting question. Who cares about the Cubs – even Ludacris is pulling for Obama!!!

  2. Deutche Bank says:

    Who cares that much about politics, as the Who said, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

    Let talk about something you can truly believe in, and I’m talkin C-U-B-S. Go Cubs Go!

  3. JT says:

    Go Brewers! Milwaukee will win it all!!!!!

  4. TRipley says:

    Since Barack went out of his way to insult Cubs fans — characterizing them in a stereotypical way he would and should resent if it were used to describe him — it is obvious that no thinking Cubs fan should support him. His poor judgment on the Cubs-Sox issue is representative of his poor judgment overall.

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